Monday, February 12, 2018

Cathedral Catholic High School Rigby Team Goes to Ireland

Cathedral Catholic Rugby Team

We are happy to share that a team we sponsor here in San Diego will be going to northern Ireland to compete! Cathedral is led by No. 8 Drew Gaffney and High School All American prop Aaron Mitchell. Along with them are some players who are consistently improving, flanker/hooker Pat Lafontaine, hooker Brad Stiehl, and captain and flanker Alex Barton among them. Prop Joey Kuperman and the brother center pairing of Xavier Ulutu and Chris Moliga are a handful, too."

Every day, athletes of all ages are exposed to strong impacts.   Players can run into other players, hit turf, a wave, a wall- you name it. Unfortunately many impacts, like head impacts, don't have clear symptoms or are as easy to notice like broken bones. 

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